If you choose to plan a trip on Plan It, it is especially important to us that your flight will be fun, fast and comfortable,
whether you want to fly in a regular class, First Class, Business Class or even Private Jet!


Where you stay is the icing on the cake! Location, quality, kosher food,
comfort and even beauty - together we find the hotel that best suits your needs.

Car Rental

One of the important things about traveling abroad is being able to get around freely, comfortably and in your time.
Premium vehicles and great insurance are our specialty!


We both know how important transfers are in any trip.
Whether it is just a simple and fast transfer or even premium transfers with a personal accompaniment - we have the perfect transfer for you!


Traveling in a group is a lot more fun but also challenging. There is no doubt that you should plan your group trip properly to make sure the hotel is suitable for everyone, that everything is satisfied and that the attractions around will suit each of you. To make the trip more fun, we can arrange for you transfers, charter flights, organized trips and in short - anything to make an amazing trip for everyone!


Are you the type of person that words like skiing, scuba diving, skydiving and off-road motorcycles make his heart rattle with excitement, or do you prefer calm attractions such as interesting museums, cable cars, a pampering spa or a relaxing cruise? You've got the idea - we're here to find you exactly the attractions that suit you at the destination you are traveling to so you can maximize your vacation perfectly! Because if you are already there... you shouldn't miss any attraction!

Travel Insurance

A guaranteed way to enjoy security and peace of mind when you are abroad is to make sure you have a reliable and comprehensive travel insurance - so we would love to give you PassportCard - the world's most popular, affordable and recommended travel insurance! Yaniv Moskowitz, our insurance agency will accompany you throughout the process!

Flight Cancellation Insurance

There is no substitute for peace of mind! Get an amazing offer for a flight cancellation insurance our experts recommend it anytime.

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